Guy Sebbag AKA Smig

Smig comes from the old French term meaning minimum salary.

Old school graffiti

I grew up in Paris and am now based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I was born. I started drawing at the age of 8, and discovered graffiti around 1986 in the streets of Paris. I fell in love with its power, colors, typography, creativity, and courage. And with the fact that it was part of this big new thing called hip-hop. A few years later, I started sketching, tagging, and making graffiti, and in 1988 I enrolled in the visual communications program at MJM in Paris.

Old school graffiti
A friend and I (J.GER at this time)

In 1992, I immigrated to Israel and completed military service. Few years later, I started a series of acrylic paintings inspired by Pop art and graffiti. At the same time, I began working as an online graphic designer in the web and advertising industry.

Street art Tel-Aviv, wheat paste
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In 2008, I quit my job and decided to make it happen! I opened an independent street artist store – most likely, the first of its kind in Israel. it was named “One of the Best New Stores” by Time Out Tel Aviv magazine (see image bellow).

Smig exhibition

Several collective exhibitions

I made some street art in Tel-Aviv (mainly wheat paste), participated in few collective exhibitions, also wall painted for bars, restaurants, individual homes and stores such as the Israeli flagship Nike Store in Herzelya or the famous BBDO (parking) advertising agency. In addition, some works was shown on many prime-time television shows such as, the Israeli television series "Beauty and the Geek".

Beauty and Geek, Israel

In 2016, I made the decision to modernize Jewish art by utilizing my artistic background. It should be modern and talk to any community. Few years later, secular jews and even non-Jews tell me "I could hang it on my wall" and I believe: that’s the power of art!

Time Out Tel Aviv